bad things


1948- operation bloodstone is approved. the CIA sought out nazis and nazi collaborators to recruit as undercover agents in the war against communism. many of these recruits were war criminals.

1950s- operation mockingbird begins. in this operation, the CIA funded and distributed massive amounts of anti-communist propaganda, including an animated adaptation of george orwell's animal farm geared towards young children.

1953- project MKULTRA begins. it was believed that communist forces had discovered effective methods of mind control and brainwashing, means that the usa did not possess. this led to a series of experiments conducted on human subjects involving the involuntary, often unknown administration of drugs- particularly LSD, electroconvulsive therapy, and a process dubbed "psychic driving", wherein officials attempted to alter a subject's behavior via forcing them to listen to a single message repeated continously on a looping tape. several of the subjects died or suffered irreversible brain damage. some sources claim the experiments never really ended, and might still be going on today. since the vast majority of the MKULTRA documents were destroyed, we presently do not know the full extent of the operation.

1953- the 1953 iranian coup d'etat, aka TPAJAX. this operation was also partly orchestrated by the united kingdom. iranian prime minister mohammad mosaddegh wanted to limit the british-owned anglo-iranian oil company's control over iran's oil reserves. when the aioc did not want to cooperate with the iranian government, the majlis voted to expatriate foreign corporations from iran. this led to britian encouraging an international boycott of iranian oil, hoping to pressure the iranian government into submitting through crippling their oil industry. both winston churchill and dwight d. eisenhower feared the possibility of a communist revolution in iran, and plotted to overthrow mosaddegh. the CIA hired mobsters to stage riots encouraging the rule of mohammad reza pahlavi, who american administration felt would be a more suitable leader, and other CIA-backed operatives took the streets of tehran by force. around 200-300 people were killed as part of this operation, and mosaddegh was convicted of treason, sentenced to three years in prison, and placed on house arrest for the rest of his life. mosaddegh supporters were arrested, and several of them were put to death.

1954- the guatemalan coup d'etat, aka PBSUCCESS. the united states disliked the course of actions taken after the guatemalan revolution, viewing guatemala's new policies as communist-adjacent. in addition to this, the united fruit company's profits were declining because of guatemalan laws concerning exploitative labor practices. first, the united states attempted to isolate guatemala from its allies through harsh criticism of the state, before invading it- bombing guatemala city and attempting to spread propaganda to intimidate the people into surrender. the coup forced the democratically elected president of guatemala at the time, jacobo arbenz, to resign, and elected carlos castillo armas as the first of several american-backed leaders of guatemala. the country's government was changed to that of a military dictatorship.

1963- (part of operation mockingbird) the CIA wiretapped two american journalists, robert s. allen and paul scott, for around 4 months. these two journalists had reported on and cited classified CIA documents.

1965- the phoenix program begins. the goal of the program was to annihilate the viet cong. the phoenix program primarily involved interrogation and assassinations. provincial reconnaissance units would either capture or kill suspected viet cong members or civilians that were thought to have information on viet cong activities. members of the program aimed to "neutralize" as many viet cong members as possible- that is, kill or otherwise deter them from fighting.

1967- operation MHCHAOS begins. the CIA begins spying on activists in the USA that opposed the vietnam war. targets of this operation included the students for a democratic society, the black panther party, the young lords, women strike for peace, and ramparts magazine. at its conclusion, the CIA had collected files on 7,200 americans and maintained a computer index on approximately 300,000 civilians and 1,000 groups.

2017- vault 7 is released on wikileaks. it is a collection of classified CIA documents detailing the agency's capabilities to perform global survelliance through the internet of things. it also describes malware programs and exploits used to hack into and compromise a variety of electronic devices. the list of devices that these means can affect includes personal computers, smartphones, cars, and smart TVs.


2003- believed to be the launch date of the first samples of the regin malware (also known as straitbizarre, unitedrake, and prax) used by the NSA and GCHQ. kaspersky labs has claimed that the malware primarily targets private individuals, small businesses, and telecommunications services such as the proximus group.

2007- PRISM begins. PRISM is the code name for the program in which the NSA collects data, such as e-mails, voice and video chats, videos, photos, file transfers, and networking details, from a variety of providers, including major tech companies like google, microsoft, apple, youtube, yahoo, facebook, paltalk, skype, and AOL.

2017- the shadow brokers leaked information of an exploit named eternalblue, which, according to former NSA employees, was developed by the NSA. it exploits a vulnerability in several different microsoft operating systems. this exploit was used to perpetuate the wannacry and notpetya ransomware attacks.


1956- COINTELPRO begins. COINTELPRO, short for "Counterintelligence Program", is an FBI operation conducted with the intent of disrupting, discrediting, and ultimately disbanding domestic politic parties and movements. it primarily targeted people and groups deemed subversive by the US government- i.e. anti-war activists, anyone identifying with communist ideologies, civil rights activists and feminists, enviromentalists + animal rights organizations, and many others. the actions taken by the FBI + associates at this point in time were often illegal. tactics improvised during this project are still used today, and include but are not limited to assassinations, harassment, manipulation of mainstream media with the intent to slander or discredit a target, and wrongful imprisonment. the FBI also funded an extreme right-wing militia to attack and intimidate activists. to put it simply, the goal of the operation was to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize" individuals or groups that the government perceived as a threat to their operations.

1957- three klansmen, one of which was an FBI informant, force willie edwards jr. to jump 150 feet off the tyler goodwin bridge, leading to his death. none of them are prosecuted, and the FBI defends their informant's actions.

1975- whitey bulger, leader of the winter hill gang, which operates in the boston area, becomes an informant for the FBI. the FBI agreed to ignore his operations in exchange for information on the patriarca crime family. the FBI also helped him go into hiding when he became vulnerable to legal action. (i find it worth noting that whitey bulger was a participant in MKULTRA, and his brother, william bulger, was a politician and a lawyer.)

2001- first reports of the FBI keystroke logging malware magic lantern. imitating common malware propagation techniques used at the time, magic lantern can be installed remotely via e-mail or common vulnerabilities in the user's operating system.

2007- first disclosure of the CIPAV (computer and internet protocol address verifier), a spyware program that the FBI uses to track individuals under surveillance. it is intended to be unknown to the user that the spyware has been installed or is running on their computer. it tracks mainly location data, web browsers used, and the last URL that has been viewed on the machine. its usage was first exposed in court against a teenager that made bomb threats against the timberline high school in washington state. it is intended to be used in investigations involving terrorism and espionage, but i find that rather dubious actually

2016- kane gamble, a 15-year-old boy from the UK, leaks information on 20,000 FBI personell. the attacks are motivated by US relations with palestine. he managed this through impersonating bosses and directors in different branches of the government, and also managed to plant pornography onto employees' computers.

2017- feds make posts on 8chan trying to incriminate russia / ukraine in the poway synagogue shooting. [archive of the thread in case it gets deleted] [also archive of the 8chan posts, search the page for "8f4812" to see all of the posts by the feds]

2018- activist rakem balogun's apartment is raided by FBI agents. it is later revealed that he has been under secret government survelliance and is arrested for a facebook post speaking out about police brutality.

2018- the FBI tweets an advertisement for their "FBI Physical Fitness Test" app, which asks for a rather suspicious amount of permissions. yikes [archive]


2013- reports are released on ICE working in conjunction with the us department of justice to hack into and place child pornography on the computers of known pirates (that is, people that share movies, shows, songs etc) in order to incriminate them.

2018- an unnamed 15-year-old honduran girl that escaped from a florida detention facility takes refuge at gonzalez auto center in homestead, florida. reports say she was scared to the point of crying, and said she didn't want to go back. the owner, frank gonzalez, owner of the shop, points her out to the cops. here's their yelp page btw

2018- roxsana rodriguez dies in ICE custody after being shipped to a unit for transgender women at the cibola county correctional center. she had become seriously ill, and an autopsy report finds that she likely died of dehydration and HIV complications. further examination of the body also suggests that she was physically abused / beaten in their custody. she eventually was taken to emergency care at the lovelace medical center, where she remained in critical condition and soon died.

2019- there are fucking concentration camps at the border right now

2019- a pickup truck drives into a crowd of never again action (jewish anti-ICE protest group) protestors. officers then arrive and pepper spray protestors. the driver is later revealed to be cpt. thomas woodworth of connecticut, an ICE correctional officer. [thread: never again action's livestream]


2007- 18-year-old khiel coppin commits suicide by cop. despite his mother repeatedly screaming that he didn't have a gun, he is killed for brandishing a hairbrush.

2010- douglas zerby is fatally shot by police officers in long beach, california, when they mistake the nozzle of a garden hose for a gun.

2012- timothy russell and malissa williams are shot at 137 times by east cleveland police and killed.

2014- police handcuff actress daniele watts, claiming to have mistaken her for a prostitute after she kissed her husband in public. when she attempted to confront an officer, calling into question their supposed duty to "protect and serve" the public, he responds "my job's not to serve people like you."

2016 - a study reveals that around 50% of all people killed by police are disabled

2016- reports reveal that uc davis paid at least $175,000 to get a video from 2011 of a cop pepper spraying students removed from the internet.

2016- officer stephen mader is fired from his job after refusing to shoot ronald williams, a 21-year-old black man who did not appear to be a threat to the police. and the others shot him anyway.

2016- this article about how cops are encouraged to target minority groups.

2017- officers kill ismael lopez at his house in southhaven, mississippi. the officers were looking for samuel pearman, wanted for domestic assault, but ended up at the wrong address. pearman claims to be innocent, and would a domestic assault charge really warrant shooting through the door before the officers even got in the house and found who they were looking for? also, why is it that they ended up at a house pretty wildly different from what was described? no one thought to check the address? :thinking:

2017- 19-year-old tatyana hargrove is assaulted and arrested by police, who claimed to be looking for a nearly 6 foot tall bald man with a goatee in his late 20s. despite tatyana pretty obviously not fitting any of these descriptors, she is threatened and beaten by police, and even attacked by a K9 unit.

2017- a police officer in georgia tells a frightened woman "don't worry, we only kill black people."

2018- a cop responds to a groundhog blocking traffic by fatally shooting it. not really relevant just funny

2018- a florida police department tries to justify beating a 14 year old girl who didn't attack them or anything?

2018- a judge rules that officers had no legal obligation to protect students in the parkland school shooting lawsuit.

2019- activist oscar cain is shot and killed by atlanta police as he flees. reports from police claim he brandished a firearm, though these claims are seen as dubious at best.

2019- chicago police invade the house of dominique wilson, point guns at young children, handcuff 8-year-old who they later claim they "didn't know" was a child

2019- a neo-nazi movement invades and disrupts detroit pride, escorted by the police. detroit police later issue a statement claming that they were definitely not escorting literal armed nazis into pride, but were there to prevent them from doing anything dangerous, instead of like, actually stopping them or something. police were aware that nazis were plotting to invade pride, but did not alert the city or the pride committee of this


@ jrotc kids: no blood for oil LOL

1962- operation ranch hand begins. it was part of operation trail dust, an herbicidal warfare program. around 20 million gallons of herbicides were sprayed over rural areas in south vietnam. the most common herbicide used was agent orange, which was much later found to have long-lasting effects on the health of people exposed. up to four million vietnamese were exposed to agent orange, and by extension, its effects.

1984- the US government begins to spend on textbooks for afghan schoolchildren, which are full of violent, radical islamic imagery. these books were an attempt to pit the afghan people against the soviets.

1987- james stanley, an MKULTRA victim who served in the army at the time, was prevented from suing the government. it referenced a case from 1950, feres v. united states, which ruled that the united states cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained by members of armed forces while on active duty that are caused by other personnel.

2018- a bomb is dropped on a school bus in yemen by saudi military forces. the explosion killed 40 boys between the ages of six to eleven, and additionally killed 11 adults. 79 others were wounded, 56 of which were children. the explosive was sold to saudi arabia by the usa.

2019- the US threatens to veto a resolution by the united nations involving combatting rape as a weapon of war.

2019- seattle's recruitment rate drops to almost zero after the minumum wage is raised to $15. hint: the army preys on "recruits in areas outside the Virginia-to-Texas region" (poor people)


2010- the united nations dumps sewage into haitian waters, causing a cholera outbreak that kills thousands of people. it is not being held responsible.


issues involving state / federal government and its personnel that i didn't know where else to put

2016- two lesbian couples attempt to sue state officials over a law that requires someone to engage in unprotected heterosexual sex and being medically diagnosed with infertility before they can recieve treatment. one of the couples, marianne and erin krupa, says they suffered six miscarriages between the two of them whilst trying to concieve, and the law discriminates against same-sex couples by preventing them from recieving treatment.

2018- nathan larson, an admitted white supremacist, misogynist, aspiring kiddy diddler and overall weirdo with a rape fetish that also sent death threats to obama, runs for congress. part of his campaign involved aspirations to revoke women's right to vote and legalize child pornography. who knows how the fuck anyone looked at this dude and thought "yeah you're liable to run for congress! no issues here buddy"

2018- the twitter account @congressedits is suspended. @congressedits would automatically tweet whenever an IP address originating from the united states congress edited an article on wikipedia. this account was considered an important source to many people, as wikipedia is based on transparency, and government officials editing articles can become a means to distribute propaganda, among other things.

2018- HHS official daniel best, who led efforts to lower the prices of pharmaceutical drugs, is found dead in his garage, reported as suffering "multiple blunt force injuries". the death is ruled a suicide.

2019- president donald trump officially quits the UN human rights council


2001- the UK changed its child labor laws to allow the filming of harry potter

2014- the edward snowden leaks disclose information on WARRIOR PRIDE, the code name for a pair of spyware kits targetting smartphones running iOS and android which are used by the GCHQ. some of the spyware's features include accessing precise location, activating the device's microphone, and preventing the device from shutting down. it was reportedly used to discredit muslim users.


2016- israel responds to a statement by american politician bernie sanders claiming that the state had killed 10,000 innocent people- and it attests that it "only" killed 1,486 palestinians, 532 of which were children- during the summer of 2014. israel killed 10,565 palestinians, 1,977 of which were children, between 2000 and 2015.


2019- a survey conducted on jewish students in france reveals that at least 90% of french jewish students were subject to anti-semitic discrimination and abuse.


1983- operation infektion was a disinformation campaign orchestrated by the KGB with the intent of popularizing the conspiracy that HIV/AIDS were made by the US government.


richard stallman's site also has an article on amazon, and this one will probably end up citing the same issues but i really admire the guy and i'd recommend checking out his site

2014- the supreme court rules that amazon doesn't have to pay its workers for screening after they clock out, which can take around 25 to 30 minutes to get done


2017- the positive-memes tumblr account is created. at surface level it just looks like another generic n shitty e-clout campaign aiming at impressionable teenagers, but it is actually a well-known corporate shill for amazon. lol

2018- amazon wants to assimilate basically every field to amass as many employees as possible

2018- jeff bezos believes that a good work ethic is driven by fear

2018- amazon admits that maybe the proposition to put its workers in fucking cages might not have been a good idea

2018- amazon patents a new version of alexa that can detect illness and "emotional abnormality" in people. here's a post (archived) explaining why this is bad

2018- amazon's jeff bezos releases a statement detailing how he wishes to partner with the us military

2018- amazon attempts to sell facial recognition software to the ICE, and at this point in time, it has already successfully sold it to several police departments.

2018- amazon tries to order police in spain to disrupt a mass strike conducted by amazon warehouse employees

2019- jeff bezos gets caught cheating on his wife sending nudes to some other woman LOL

2019- amazon has a "worker tracking system" that "not only tracks warehouse workers' productivity but also can automatically generate the paperwork to fire them for failing to meet expectations".

2019- amazon's facial recognition system can now identify fear


2005- peter brabeck-letmathe, CEO of nestle (then chairman) calls the belief that human beings have a right to water "extreme".

2006- nestle promised that none of its chocolate would be made with forced child slave labor by 2005. it then failed to meet that promise.


1998...- documents taken from PETA prove that they euthanize around 84% of the animals they take in.

2003- PETA compares the meat industry to the holocaust

2005- ingrid newkirk publishes an editorial about how she believes all pit bulls should be killed

2005- PETA likes to scare the shit out of children, hands out gory fliers to children while their parents aren't looking (Your Daddy Kills Animals!) (Your Mommy Kills Animals!)

2007- literally just killing animals. like, they just kill them

2008- PETA used the beheading of tim mclean to promote their agenda

2009- PETA employees dress up in KKK robes and parade around the westminister dog show to uhhh protest dog breeding!

2014- PETA encourages the belief that milk causes autism

2014- PETA takes advantage of poverty in detroit, offers to pay water bills if everyone involved goes vegan for a month

2015- a former PETA employee claims that she was encouraged by the president of the organization, ingrid newkirk, to steal and kill pets.

2015- PETA gets in trouble for using props and passing them off as real sheep


2007- PRISM begins. apple is one of the main companies that has been confirmed to provide the NSA with the data of its users.

2016- apple releases the iphone 7, the first iphone not to have a headphone jack. there's a lot of like, cute explanations (shills) and memes surrounding this, but like it or not the real reason for this change is almost undeniably so apple can begin forcing its consumers to buy their brand-specific adapters and wireless headphones. airpods can cost at least $159 dollars. that's almost 160 fucking dollars for earbuds. for comparison, a pair of regular earbuds from skullcandy cost around $20, and another company's wireless earbuds, the jlab jbuds, only cost around $50. people will legit defend this

2017- apple begins manufacturing products that brick themselves if they detect that they are being repaired by anyone else other than a certified apple technician.

2018- apple becomes the world's first trillion dollar company

2019- article about how apple by default keeps a list of all the locations you've visited and how often


2017- an article from the guardian discusses a report finding that 100 oil companies have been singlehandedly responsible for more than 70% of global carbon emissions since 1988.

2019- industry "surprised and disappointed" when norway refuses to drill for oil in the arctic


2001 - a colombian trade union, SINALTRAINAL, alledged that coca-cola worked with hitmen from the AUC (a colombian right-wing paramillitary / drug trafficking group) to endanger and kill union leaders. members of SINALTRAINAL later launched a web campaign, killercoke.org, to encourage people to boycott coca-cola.

2019- coca-cola donates at least $40,800 USD to politicians that support banning abortion.



2019- at&t donates $196,600 USD to politicians that support banning abortion.


2019- walmart donates at least $57,700 USD to politicians that support banning abortion.

2019- the walton family gets $70,000 dollars richer every minute while average walmart employees still make minimum wage


2019- pfizer donates at least $53,650 USD to politicians that support banning abortion.


2019- eli lilly donates at least $66,250 USD to politicians that support banning abortion.


2019- aetna donates at least $26,000 USD to politicians that support banning abortion.


2019- gilead is taken to court over charging $1,780 USD for truvada, a drug designed to help reduce the risk of HIV infection. truvada costs $8 in australia.


2019- family tree DNA gives the FBI access to its DNA data.


2007- PRISM begins. facebook is one of the main companies that has been confirmed to provide the NSA with the data of its users.

2018- facebook builds profiles on people that don't use facebook


2017- elon musk thinks free frozen yogurt or some shit makes factory jobs less miserable... ok

2017- tesla employees want to unionize so they can get compensation for the toll their jobs take on their bodies, but tesla tries to scare its employees out of forming a union.

2017- tesla receives an official complaint over forcing its workers to sign an agreement that prevented them from forming a union

2017- tesla employees cite homophobic and racist remarks in lawsuits against tesla. also "no place for handicapped people at Tesla"

2018- elon musk donates $33,900 to Protect the House, a political action committee dedicated to maintaining republican control of congress. please god stop acting like billionaires can be socialist

2019- elon musk reposts fanart of the character 2B from nier automata without crediting the artist and then does that weird sadboy thing where you make your icon black


2007- PRISM begins. google is one of the main companies that has been confirmed to provide the NSA with the data of its users.

2019- manhattan DA issues a "reverse search warrant" in order to track down antifa protestors


2007- PRISM begins. skype is one of the main companies that has been confirmed to provide the NSA with the data of its users.


they're ugly

2019- okay i was just gonna leave this section at that but this is so fucking funny


2017- daphne caruana galizia, journalist behind the panama papers, is killed in a car bomb near her home. she had filed a report to police 15 days prior that she had been receiving death threats.