hi site admin here
im abandoning this site for good basically. ill make a new one and this will be deleted at some point in time. i will not be giving out the url here. if you end up finding my new site... good 4 you <3

i made this site in like... 2017 or 2018 or so, at a point in time where i was... in short hanging around just. awful fucking people. i was like 13 or 14 being manipulated by people almost twice my age. as a result, i said and believed some frankly outrageous things that i do not at all condone now. if you viewed this site at that point in time you probably only saw a fraction of the True Shit that was going down.
i don't think the site receives enough traction or enough people remember much of that time or care, but for me it carries a lot of negative connotations and shame. i do not want to be seen as or associated with the person i was. so i'm starting over. i want to leave this chapter of my life behind for good. i haven't updated in forever anyway so like i imagine it isnt a collateral loss anyway.
if i could say anything to anyone that just happens to be reading this. please god. be mindful of who you are talking to.
like if you're regularly talking to anyone with a pepe the frog or orgasming anime woman avatar, please just stop and ask yourself why you're doing that. especially if youre a minor. i know this is like a funny joke to anyone that associates with these types and at this point, if you are one of those people, you've stopped reading anyway. but speaking from experience, these... conservative / "centrist" types are, consciously or not, usually fronts for legit fascism, and the majority of them are, if nothing else, actual sociopaths.
hopefully most of you already know this. hopefully most of you are aware. some of you aren't and i know you aren't. if you don't think critically about anything you do at all, you're going to regret it someday. even if it sounds funny to you now, you will. or you won't and you'll just become a fucking lunatic like the rest of them, i dont know.

anyway though. yeah. when i remake ill probably delete this.
it will not be missed.

thank you for reading <3